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Disc Printing

Edithouse will always print directly on the surface of the disc and never use the sticky labels. There are five types of disc printing processes, these are: Inkjet, Thermal Re-transfer, Thermal dye sublimation, Lithography (Litho) and Silk Screen (Screen) printing.


In inkjet printing, the ink solution is sprayed onto a disc surface that is specially designed to receive, hold and absorb the ink droplets. The technology produces photographic quality results for sophisticated, multi-color, high-resolution graphics images on to your DVD's, CD's and BD's the same way as the conventional paper inkjet printer.

The main disadvantage of inkjet printable discs are that the discs are more susceptible to smudging, scratching and require time to dry. Lick your finger and rub an inkjet printed discs, it's going to smudge. Because the nature of long drying time and the smear of the black ink, all the black and grayscale printing is done using Thermal or Litho printing.

In short, if you are looking to print full colour, full face images on the disc and you don't expect to print large volumes and the discs are for demo purpose, then inkjet printing could be the right choice for you.

The inkjet printing is also the default choice for the "Text and Logo" print option.

Thermal re-transfer at 600dpi - the highest quality and resolution on the market

The CMYK panels are first printed to a clear re-transfer ribbon inside the printer. Then, using heat and pressure, the printed image and a layer of the clear ribbon are applied to the disc. The finished product emerges dry and durable. As soon as the discs come out of the printer, it is ready to handle. No stickiness or smearing here. Thermal ribbons cost more than inkjet cartridges and requires special thermal printable discs hence the higher cost. The print surface of the thermal printed discs are UV, Scratch and Moist Resistant. Thermal printed discs do not smudge like inkjet printed discs and will always look a little shiny. The print on the disc will be permanent.

Thermal dye sublimation - 400dpi - the best quality printing for the gradient colours on the market with photo quality printing

Like the Thermal re-transfer CMYK panels are first printed to a clear re-transfer ribbon inside the printer, but using the dye-sublimation process, where the dye transitions between the solid and gas states without going through a liquid stage. The result is super high glossy print with superior color blending and smoothest gradients.

Lithography (Litho) - Industrial printing with photo quality

The Litho printing is the industrial scale printing when there is a need for a large run of discs. This is the standard for retail grade printing on the discs that you find in shops.

It uses 4 colour(CMYK) printing process on to white based discs. Additionally Pantone spot colour screen printing can be over printed also.

Minimum order is 500 units.

If you are still unsure what type of printing do you need, we welcome you to arrange to see some of the samples in our studio or please request a sample by post.