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How to order

To order from EditHouse is straightforward, please see the things to follow before ordering from our order page.

On the quote and order page, you can select the items you need and place the order to cart. You can add multiple projects into cart before checkout. You can upload the artwork at any time before or after the order is placed through the upload page under the artwork section on the left and we will get it under your user account.

What you need to know / have before placing an order:

  • 1. Master disc
  • 2. Media type (CD, DVD, Blu-ray , USB drive etc.) 
  • 3. Quantity - How many copies do you need
  • 4. Disc on body artwork layout
  • 5. What cases would you like the discs in
  • 6. Case covers - inlay / insert artwork layout
  • 7. Do you need delivery or will you collect from our premises

1. Master Disc

For any duplication run, we will need the physical disc in the the final format, we call it Master disc. The Master disc should be supplied in the format that you require the final copies to be in e.g. if an Video-DVD or Blu-ray Video copies are required, then we will need the playable DVD, Blu-ray or if an Audio CD it should be the ready playable CD otherwise additional DVD or Blu-ray Authoring charges occur for the DVD, Blu-ray or CD Master to be created to make copies from. The master disc should be sent by post or courier. We do however accept the downloadable disc images also at additional cost, £15 - CD, £20 - DVD and £25 for the Blu-ray (.iso, .dmg, .toast formats are accepted).

Please send the master discs or hard drives to:

Unit 18,
21 Wren Street,
United Kingdom

2. Media type

Please specify what type of media is used for your project to get the correct price and to order the correct product. (CD, DVD, Blu-ray, USB memory sticks, flyers, posters). You can read about the information about the media under the information link on the left.

3. Quantity

You will need to know how many copies would you like to order as the duplication cost will depend on the quantity on the sliding scale, the more you order the cheaper the unit cost.

4. Disc on body artwork layout

The disc on body print layout will need to be done to the correct standards, so that it is usable for printing. We have the ready to download disc on body template available that you can use and please see the specifications on the Templates and specification page. We do also offer design service for the disc on body layout @ minimum cost of £25 and the final cost will depend on the complexity of the artwork required, depending on the time it takes to complete. We charge £25 an hour for the layout designs.

5. Cases

You will need to know what cases would you like to order your discs in. If no cases are needed, we can supply the discs on the spindles for you. We do supply variety of standard cases to choose from, however if you do not see the case you are looking for, please contact. Due the complexity of the production on some cases, specifically the card products there is a minimum order quantities on certain products and have limited availability.

6. Case covers - Inlays & inserts

Depending on the case you have chosen, there could be a need for the inlays or inserts and the again the templates are available to download form the Templates and specification page. All the artwork should be done to the specification provided on the Templates and specification page. We do also offer design service for the case cover / insert layouts @ minimum cost of £25 and the final cost will depend on the complexity of the artwork required, depending on the time it takes to complete. We charge £25 an hour for the layouts designs. Please send us a requirements and we will get back to you with the costings.

If you can not see any specific template on the website, please contact us.

7. Delivery

If delivery is required this can be applied from the cart before checkout and is calculated from the total value of the order. We do deliver internationally also, however please contact for quote before placing an order, as the payment will be taken differently and can not be processed through the cart currently. You are more than welcome to collect the order from our premises and our address is shown on the contact us page.