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DVD Duplication

DVD-R Duplication - Video or Data

Duplication is carried out by recording your supplied master disc or data to an image file on a hard disc, which is then verified against the original. This image file is then recorded with a laser, or 'burnt', to the final copies which are again verified against the image file. Only the highest quality A-grade discs are used. Duplication is ideal for short runs (from 1- 2000 units) where a quick turnaround is needed (48 hours is possible for most jobs) or for larger runs where there is not enough time for DVD-Rom replication. NB: duplicated DVD-Rs can only be guaranteed to play back on DVD-R compatible DVD drives. Although the vast majority of drives are compatible, to avoid this problem altogether DVD-Rom replication is required.

Blank Discs

Blank DVD-Rs can be ordered pre-printed for your own recording.

Formats Available

12cm DVD-R (4.7GB)

Source Material

DVD-R and DVD+R discs can both be used as masters for DVD-R duplication (video or data). Data can also be supplied on CD or DVD for compilation. Video supplied in any other formats than the actual disc or disc image, including VHS, DV, DV-Cam etc. for transfer to DVD will incur additional charge.

Printing & Packaging

The standard option for DVD-R disc printing is thermal on-body printing in high-resolution full colour. The DVDs can be packed into clear plastic wallets, black or clear DVD cases or CD jewel cases (standard or slimline) with laser-printed paper-parts or supplied on spindle with no packaging. Alternative packaging options include paper wallets, card wallets, C-shells & trigger cases.