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  • Is the only way to get DVD masters to you by post? I.e. is it possible to transfer the files to you online? Thanks!
  • Is it possible to get a single proof copy from you to ensure that everything is correct before placing the bulk order?
  • Does your quote include VAT?
  • Can I visit your premises in London to see sample's of the various DVD/CD services you offer?
  • Could I come by in person to submit my Master DVD for duplication?
  • Do you deliver internationally?
  • Do I have to pay first before I upload the media file?
  • What are your opening hours
  • Can the artwork be in RGB for the disc?
  • What are your turnaround times for short runs? eg up to 100?
  • To what address should I send my master DVD? Should this be marked with any special reference ?
  • Are you able to make a dvd menu if I supply the artwork for it?
  • If I bring you a disc and artwork would I be able to get a disc burnt and thermal printed while I wait?
  • What are your turnaround times for bulk orders?

How to - FAQ

  • How do i preview my artwork on the disc before i order?
  • how do i add my artwork to my order?
  • How do I order from your website

DVD Duplication - FAQ

  • Hi there, when duplicating DVD's does the process copy the menu as well as just the film?
  • What regions are your DVDs?
  • What type of DVD's do you use?

Disc On Demand - Faq

  • How do you pay my profits on Disc On Demand service?
  • Hi. What sort of disc printing do you use for the DOD?
  • On disc on demand, how do you handle returns?
  • What is DOD?
  • What costs do I pay for the Disc on Demand - Self Publishing service?
  • How are the Disc On Demand postage rates calculated?

CD Duplication - FAQ

  • What type of CD's do you use?

DCP-Digital Cinema Package

  • Can I visit your premises in London to see the finished DCP conversion on a projector?
  • Can EditHouse produce Encrypted DCP,s?
  • Are you able to convert DCP into editable video formats like Apple Pro-Res?
  • Can edithouse make 4K DCP?
  • Can you convert 25fps film into 24fps DCP?