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Disc On Demand

A Self-Publishing Service from EditHouse

Disc On Demand (DOD) self publishing is a part of an Edithouse duplication and printing facility:

  • DVD on demand
  • Blu-ray on demand
  • CD on demand

DOD is designed for anyone to sell their digital products e.g. Films, Tutorials, Games, Music on CD-R, DVD-R, BD-R (Blu-ray) discs direct to customer without mass producing the discs. EditHouse will then produce the discs as the orders come in and send it direct to buyer.

Simply generate unique "BUY" button code for your product below and insert it to your web page, next to the product photo.

  • No Setup Fee
  • You choose the selling price
  • Set cost per unit
  • Professional retail quality product
  • No need to order hundreds of discs up front
  • Never sold out
  • Discs posted out within 48h
  • Sell in multi currency (Only 1 currency per user account)
  • Only 15% commissions, including the Paypal fees.
  • Recommend a friend and get 1% commission back (up to 3 friend recommendations - subject to sign up for the service).
  • Sell on Facebook and Twitter, to target your audience!

Start selling now in 3 easy steps:

  • Register for free with the website (Create an account).
  • Please send the master disc or the disc image and the artwork by post or use our online upload facility (artwork only).
  • Generate the BUY button html code and insert into your website next to the product photo or use part of the code as a purchase link on the Facebook etc.

Disc On Demand Rates

Prices below are the prices we charge inclusive of disc, printing and all packaging, a full retail product including the cello wrap.

When generating your button code, please add your desired profit to the product price to get the final value (selling price) of your product.

Please note that the commissions from the profit margin will be charged at 15% this includes the Paypal fees and administration costs, so please consider this when generating your buy now button code.

Your profits will be paid out once a month on the first business day of each month*.

Below you see DEMO button generated, please click it to see what the customer sees when purchasing:

* Subject to receive an invoice for the monthly statement.

Disc On Demand Button Generator

Product Price Description
DVD 5 disc box set + Clear DVD Case + DVD case inlay (£11.25) £11.25  
DVD 6 disc box set + Clear DVD Case + DVD case inlay (£13.25) £13.25  
Slim Clear DVD Case + DVD + DVD case inlay 4/0 Single sided print (£2.95) £2.95  
Blu-ray + Slim Clear DVD case + DVD case inlay (£4.00) £4.00  
DVD + Square Clam Case (£2.50) £2.50  
Blu-ray + Blu ray case + Blu ray case inlay single sided(£4.00) £4.00  
Blu-ray + Clear Blu-ray case + Blu ray case inlay double sided(£4.50) £4.50  
DVD + Clear DVD Case + DVD case inlay 4/0 + 4pp Booklet (£3.95) £3.95  
DVD 2 disc box set + Clear DVD Case + DVD case inlay + 4pp Booklet (£6.25) £6.25  
DVD + Black DVD Case + DVD case inlay + Single sided insert (£3.25) £3.25  
CD + Black DVD Case + DVD case inlay (£2.95) £2.95  
CD 2 disc box set + Black DVD Case + DVD case inlay (£4.90) £4.90  
CD 3 disc box set + Black DVD Case + DVD case inlay (£6.90) £6.90  
DVD 3 disc box set + Clear DVD Case + DVD case inlay + 4/0 Insert (£7.80) £7.80  
DVD 8 disc box set + Black DVD Case + DVD case inlay (£22.85) - Special incl. P&P £22.85  
CD + Slim clear Jewel + 4 Page Booklet (£1.73) £1.73  
2GB USB Stick + USB Case + Case Cover £4.20  
DVD 8.5GB Double Layer + Clear Slim DVD Case + DVD case inlay (£3.50) £3.50  
DVD 8.5GB Double Layer + Black DVD Case + DVD case inlay (£3.50) £3.50  
CD + Slim clear Jewel + 2 sided front insert (£1.60) £1.60  
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